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2022 Moscow Olympics

I chose a host city for the 2022 Olympics. Once the city was chosen, through ample research I created each component required for these Olympic games.

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Empire Gardens

In this class, every assignment was a collaborative effort between me and my classmates. I solely made animations and the pepper seed packets for this project, but we all had contributions to critiques, typefaces, layout, etc. of each of the materials to present the final product to the client.

Thrash Design

This is the logo that I created to represent my brand Thrash Design, this logo was mainly used for marketing material to represent me as a designer.


I created this logo for my friend who is a musician. His genre of music is solely rap based. 

White Claw Redesign

The basis of this project was to look at a products original packaging and find ways to make it better. I chose the alcohol brand White Claw, as their packaging design lacked color and doesn't stand out amongst their biggest competitors. 


MoMA Animation

I was assigned to select any artist or animator (past or present) and create a Video Promo consisting of both Motion and Audio. (15 seconds long) I chose Roy Lichtenstein because pop art is an art movement that never ceases to amaze me!

TV Bumper

A 10 second animation that features popular shows on the television show Cartoon Network.


Typographic Poster

13" x 19" poster, front and back, displaying the typeface Industria with design elements that bring the typeface to life. I chose this typeface because I enjoy working with edgy sans-serif typefaces. This poster design and color scheme brings the typeface to life.

Triptych Poster Series

16" x 20" graphic poster created from researching a specific topic of our choice and designing a series of three posters that will engage viewers to create a global dialogue. The "Fight for 15" movement is still alive and relevant today in many cities.

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